Centrelink Advice

There are many types of Centrelink benefits available to pre-retirees and retirees. Investor Wealth has the expertise to make an assessment of your eligibility for Centrelink Benefits. Some examples of these benefits are:

Age Pension

If you are of Age Pension age and your Assets (excluding the family home) and your incomes are below certain limits, you may be eligible for the Age Pension. If you already receive retirement income from an Allocated Pension or Annuity, then the Age Pension could help supplement your income and therefore reduce your requirement to drawdown your own capital.

If you are not eligible for the Age Pension based on the Assets Test, you may still be eligible for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, which will provide you with many benefits, the best of those being cheap medicine prescriptions. Eligibility is dependent on meeting certain income requirements.

Disability Support Pension

If you have a physical, intellectual or psychiatric impairment which makes you unable to work for more than 15 hours per week for the next 2 years, then you may be eligible for the Disability Support Pension. You still need to meet similar Income and Assets Test limits as per the Age Pension above to be eligible.

Newstart Allowance

An income support payment if you are less than Age Pension Age and are currently unemployed. There are more strict Income and Assets Tests limits that need to be met.

Carer Allowance

An income supplement that is paid to someone who provides daily care and attention at home to a person with a disability or medical condition. There are no Income or Assets Tests that apply for this benefit.